General Sociology and Theory of Society

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The Chair pursues two major tasks in teaching. On the one hand, it is at the forefront of theory education in the diploma study course Sociology. On the other hand, it offers a continual teaching program for in-depth subjects like Cultural sociology; Political sociology; Knowledge sociology and the sociology of science.

The Chair’s teaching program is committed to the tenet of breaking up too firmly established differentiations of the sociological processes at a university. The dividing lines between general sociology and special sociologies, between theoretical and empirical sociology, but also between quantitative and qualitative paradigms suggest an order whose structure is more contingent than the normal scientific systematization of our profession would like to believe.

The Chair's teaching program wants to give an idea of the fact that sociological theories must prove themselves in concrete cases and that empirical methodologies have to be legitimated from a theoretical viewpoint. The Department’s rather theory-based profile is designed to train the graduates to not only become mere theory exegetes, but also to acquire a sociological view that our discipline needs to apply to itself, too.